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PARAGRAPHRecent Images At All Forums. Whatever the job requires, Starrett. Fast Cut Bi-Metal The 5. Job Opportunities and Woodworking Services. By using this website, you agree to our Terms and. The Starrett hole saw line includes several new, application-specific hole saws including Fast Cut, Deep Cut and diamond grit, engineered specifically for certain materials, power. Hole Saw Kits for Sheet. Value Added Wood Processing. Arbor with Pilot Drill. Cabinet and Millwork Installation.

KDP290 - Metric HSS 16 Pce Hole Saw Set 19-64mm (D100) Question I am trying to find a metric hole saw for drilling for halogen lighting which is 55mm, and the nearest size I can find is 2 1/8", which is 54mm. We have quite a few holes to drill and would like to find an exact size if possible. Does anyone know of a source for this size hole saw? Forum Responses (Cabinet and Millwork Installation Forum) From contributor L: If you can't find one, you could always use the 2 1/8", then go in with a 60 grit drill-mounted drum sander. mm shouldn't take that long to sand off with a 60 grit drum. You can easily compare and choose from the 10 best Metric Hole Saws for you.  10 Best Metric Hole Saws of September share. M consumers helped this year. Best Metric Hole Saws. Benefits. Color: Silver.  Diamond Holesaw set Holes Saw Drill Bits10Pack Diamond Holesaw Drill Bit Hole Saw Set For Cutter Glass Ceramic Marble. Wideskall® 5 Pieces Hole Saw Assortment Kit Set. Best Metric Hole Saws. Benefits. Color: Black.

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