Porcelain wash basin

Porcelain wash basin toyota bt lifter

Free Returns. Check near the name of the company on porcelain for any capital letters that might indicate the month or year when the piece was made. Some pieces are marked with a company name.

Lincoln 18v grease gun

Lincoln 18v grease gun battening youtube

Grease Guns. These guns are designed for rough treatment on the job with cast iron pump heads, precision fit plungers, and more. The grease gun delivers exceptional performance in high-pressure applications, and its two-speed transmission provides a high-volume grease flow option.

5v power pack

5v power pack just trays limited

Suitable for various power requirements, including large surveillance systems to replace a number of sma SL Power Electronics. Reiko Wireless.

Channel lock crimping pliers

Channel lock crimping pliers repco boot mat

Over the years, Channellock has obtained several patents including one in for the conical surface created on the cam side of the pliers when undercut and another in for the PermaLock fastener found in its Tongue and Groove Pliers.

Loppers tool

Loppers tool suspended garage storage

Skip to main content. Get all the reach you need with tree trimming tools designed to cut back high, hard-to-reach branches — no ladder, no chainsaw, no tree service. In effect, loppers are the beefed-up version of pruning shears, offering more reach and better cutting power.

Smanos w100

Smanos w100 oetiker ear clamps

The W alarm controller communicates with its detectors and sensors on proprietary MHz, making all signal transmissions stable and interference-free. If any of the sensors are triggered a really, really loud internal siren goes off.