Short wood screws

Short wood screws sharp shovel

This type of bit drills a small-diameter hole into the length of the screw shaft, with a wider counter-sink portion that will allow the head to be sunk flush with the surface of the wood. This screw has a cross-shape that helps self-center the screw to avoid it drilling at odd angles.

Outwell lightweight aluminium rotary clothes airer

Outwell lightweight aluminium rotary clothes airer air separator

This ensures that you do not have to worry about the rotary washing line being blown over when the weather is windy. It's umbrella system that ensures there will be no difficulty in putting up the lines or putting them down. Years ago, most people had washing lines that were strung across poles in the backyard swishing in the wind.

Plastic conduit cutter

Plastic conduit cutter gold frame medicine cabinet

If you are looking to make precise cuts in PVC pipes or hose pipes, this is your tool. They have a spring release and retractable blades for extra safety. Sawzall is also known as a reciprocating saw.

Old delta shower cartridge

Old delta shower cartridge electrolux oven

The only way to know for sure what trim kit will be compatible will be for you to know what valve you have. Will post Delta handles mount to my old assembly, or would it be best to take them to a metal plating shop for re-plating, and continue to use the old ones?

T8 light tube

T8 light tube above counter wash basin

Select to compare. The T stands for tubular and the numbers are an index for the diameter in inches of the tube. There are 3 types: t12 tubes, t8, and t5 tubes, and the t12 which is the oldest and being phased out and no longer manufactured.

Gas boiler cleaning service

Gas boiler cleaning service bathroom sink splashback

This is different from central heating that heats the whole home. Boiler Cleaning and Routine Maintenance: Routine maintenance can help us find problems with your boiler before they occur. And, ask about our upcoming sales and promotions.