Mercedes e class roof box

Mercedes e class roof box murray clamp distributors

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Mercedes-Benz: C-Class: Carrier Systems Товары из магазина ParkCam (на фото) и еще 9. Доставка из России и других регионов. Выбор по параметрам. Ребята, может кто-то просветить на тему установки автобокса типа Thule на крышу? Нашел на просторах интернета такие варианты, самым визуально привлекательным нравится вариант №1 (хотя конечно бокс на крышу для Е-класса это извращение. Conclusion. Mercedes Benz E-Class Roof Boxes Overview. TOP PICK. Product.  This is a roof box that is designed for small vehicles. It comes in two versions the 14 cu ft. and the 12 cu ft. You can choose either, and it will fit perfectly on your car. Despite being a beauty, the RocketBox Pro packs some exceptional features. It has an aerodynamic design that not only helps save fuel but also reduces noise. This is an ideal roof box for camping, and it can hold gear for up to 2 campers. 12 cubic feet can seem as small, but it can fit more luggage that you expect freeing up space in your trunk. However, the box is short measuring 58 inches, meaning that it cannot fit ski.

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